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First of all there was WZM-2, who was obliged to manufacture  parts for Diesel engines applying in “building machines” (calle. All necessary documents with data and drawings were takenover to WZM-2. These documents covers: oil pumps, oil filters, injection pumps, rotation speed regulation testers, water pumps, air starters and couplings.

Taking into consideration, that our buildings and production halls had been built for Cartography Company, and than adopted for a/m products, many efforts were needed to achieve this goal;

For a stuff - who earlier was produced furnished animals, theirs skeletons, and also: maps, globes, set-squares, compasses, etc, - it was a very heavy problem to change a production profile for a very precession technical items.




From 1951 to 1957


WZM-2. manufactured: oil pumps, oil filters, injection pumps, rotation speed regulation testers, water pumps, air starters and couplings, and than (later) PRW testers for testing of injectors..

A/m goods were delivered to another Warsaw Company: WZM-1 (at present: ZM WOLA), which Company manufactured Diesel fuel injection engines (used in tanks, voltage current generators and  aggregates, and some boats). From 1952 WZM-2 started our exports to Romania, German Democratic Republic, and from 1953 – to Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

Most used machines were of universal usage, only some of them were aimed at turning of camshafts and of electric-erosions for spring holes.


Year 1958

Our designers have implemented new injection pumps with a strange power of POB type of one- and two-sectioned for low-power engines (S320, S301, S301D and 2CA90), manufactured in Poland by WSW ANDRYCHOW (at present: Andoria), and also for B120 engines manufactured for Marines..

These pumps were applied in many foreign engines, made in England, Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia.

The pumps PO1C were implemented. They were applied in the middle-power railway engines (made in by Cegielski-Poznan). We also implemented fuel filters F5.

But the most important for future – it was implementation of injection of type: WK... and WJ.... for the all manufactured engines of URSUS tractors, and STAR Starachowice trucks.


Year 1959

There was purchased a licence from Austria FRIEDMANN UND MAIER Co. Thanks to this we started to manufacture injection pumps P2....types, rotation speed regulation testers, R4.... and R8...., the feeding pumps V2, S2A. S2 transposes of an injection angle, and also multihole nozzles of D1LMK, and pintle nozzles D1Z....

This equipment was used in ZM URSUS engines: S312, 4001, in STAR engines S35, S530, in Bulgarian WASYL KOLAROV (at present: VAMO) engines., and also in Hungarian engines for IKARUS buses.

Some improvement in production line were applied. Half-automatic turning machines of TAREX were implemented for turning of pumps bodies. Some another were implemented, too: team turning machines GROB, and USA turning machines BRYANT for grinding of holes and cones in nozzles bodies.


Years  1960- 1964

New pumps are implemented: P2... (2-, 3-, 4-, 6- sectioned) for URSUS and STAR engines, and also for LEYLAND engines, which were manufactured by WSK-Mielec and  WSW-Andrychów.
Sintered Metal Department, as first who manufactured in sintered metal technology in Poland, started his first job. It was a real technological jump. Our engineers implemented this technology in another Companies too.

For our branch a Branch Centre of Injection Equipment (BOAP) was founded here. BOAP run his job covering designers and searching matters of fuel injection equipment made by WZM for home Companies manufacturing Diesel engines.


Year 1965

A production output is being grown, so a specialisation for production only some products was necessary. Therefore some production lines were forwarded to another Companies:

Injection pumps: P2 - 4 i 6-sectioned - for WSK-Mielec,

Special testers - for WSK-Kraków,

Feeding pumps - for WSK-Wrocław,

Filters - for ZSM-Sędziszów.

WZM starts its specialisation in nozzles, pumping elements, injectors and items from sintered metal powder.

We started our exports to Egypt, Austria, China,


Years 1966-1969

BWP (no mistakes doing of job) quality system was implement. Thanks to this our products quality was becoming better and better, and WZM started an exports for markets of: Argentina and some Asia countries. To fulfil all demands WZM had to be enlarged. There were built two new halls:

-          new hall on 9500sq meters (called hall “D”),

-          also a special hall for sintered metal powder department

For a stuff WZM had built a special holiday camp in Poland lake district in Maradki.


About 50 pcs of new special spindle machines were bought (from GILDEMEISTER, WICKMAN, MINGANTI i AMTEC).

There had been bought a new metallurgical furnace for a Sintered Metal Powder Department from BIRLEC (used for heat and chemical treatment in atmosphere protection).

WZM started production of special tools and measurement devices.

In 1969 there were three main things:

-          a method of grinding of technical diamonds was found,

-          a licence of FRIEDMAN UND MAIER was enlarged,

-          new pumps of type: PM... for URSUS engines and for exports (Bulgaria – in Varna works there was a production a licensed PERKINS engines);


Year 1970

An owner – Polish State created “Warszawskie Zakłady mechaniczne” (Warsaw Mechanical Works – WUZETEM). Apart from the works in Warsaw, WUZETEM had got also:

-          works in Piotrkow trybunalski,

-          branch works in Branica Suchodolska,

-          service station in Sorkwity and in Branica Suchodolska;


The seventies (1971-1980)

Many investments had been done, especially in WUZETEM branches in Piotrkow Trybunalski and Branica Suchodolska.

In WUZETEM in Warsaw some machines had been bought too, for example grinding machines UVA, Electro-erosion machines (BOSCH, RAYCON) and also metallurgical furnaces for nitrogenous process made by SOLO.

New pneumatic method of outflow was founded in WUZETEM.

As many machines had being serviced continuously, many efforts had been done. We must add, that in Poland WUZETEM only had serviced as many machines in one time.

In these period – some new implement items were rewarded (for example: Mini Injection Pump – A Award of Master of Technology and a Golden Medal on Poznan Fairs in 1974).

A new – Computer Science Department had been founded. So, it was implement a computer system of “Materials Management” in 1972. Than: “Salary wages system” (1975), “Technological Data Base (1977).


The eighties (1981-1990)

An implementation of the nozzles and pumping elements for General Motors USA was the greater success of WUZETEM in this decade. WUZETEM had to implement new technologies for GM.

A barrel drilling was very important for production pumping elements (P & B) and tips (nozzles).

Some pumping elements production lines were forwarded to ZSM Pisotrkow Trybunalski, and lines of injector bodies were forwarded to Branica Suchodolska works.

In Warsaw WUZETEM aimed at production of: nozzles, injectors and fueal injection pumps (12- and 6- sectioned). That is why WUZETEM purchased two turning centres from Japan (MITSUI-SEIKI), for turning of pumps bodies.

An injection pump for WOLA-HENSCHEL was adopted by our engineers. The second success of a/m engineers in this decade was implementation of injectors for WOLA-HENSCHEL engines and for engines licensed from PERKINS for MF URSUS tractors.

New computer systems were implemented: Production Registry (1983), and all computer data was removed from old computer R-32 to new mainframe IBM-4341 (1989). WUZETEM is the most newest computerised Polish production Company.


Years 1990-1991

These two years of economical transformation brought us the decreasing in our output. It touched our branch very badly. Demand from Polish OEM, and previous Soviet Russian Union markets was strongly decreased. We faced on West.

We had to implement a wide restructure process. We had got b/m assets:

-          knowledge of fuel injection equipment, and other knowledge that we had got for years,

-          a high stand in Central Eastern Europe,

-          acceptable quality level for Western Companies,



Till 1991 WUZETEM had got two branches:

-          Piotrkow Trybunalski who manufactyred one-, and two sectioned injection pumps, pumping elements, ond some spare parts for injectors and injection pumps,

-          Branica Suchodolska who produced bodies of injectors.

Both Companies were shared from WUZETEM, and started their economicly separateble production.

WUZETEM alone started to marketing a market, and we started the production for a our flexible market.

Instead of production for OEM only we started a production for After Market, too. This production was going more and more, and in a very short time production for Aftrer Market increased OEM productuion.

Years 1992-1993

Thanks to many hours of training of WUZETEM management and stuff the mentality was changed from socialst’s for a free-market orientation. WUZETEM was a one among the others who established Polish Center of Productivity (PCP). PCP helped WUZETEM too – some foreign experts were involed in our restructure. We started our preparation for implementing ISO 9001 standards.

WUZETEM took the parts in fairs, was present in advertising action, kept the contacts with our market. Our range of offered a very good quality goods becomes to be larger and larger.

In Poland we created Home Dealers Chain, and this chain is being increased till now.

We started many trade contacts, and thanks to this fact some multi-years Contracts had been concluded.

In 1993 WUZETEM “ecological nozzle” – a first sac nozzle on Polish market was prized with a “Golden Bow Lady”.


Year 1994

WUZETEM goods are applied in Diesel Services in Poland. Our exports started to increase considerably. We took parts in foreign fairs, and information on WUZETEM products are published in many periodic.


Year 1995

ISO 9001 standards had been implemented, and are observed till now.

ISO9001 was implemented by SGS Yarsley for all process that are used in WUZETEM. This certificate was valid till 16-12-2003.

Thanks to computerisation processes – some financial controlling elements were implemented successfully. As each department (nozzle, pumping elements, injection, heat treatment and sintered metal powder) started to be a separable part of a Company - each of them had to keep profitable production of their items.

WUZETEM implemented for production stand injectors (for adjustment injection pumps) with using its own know how


Years 1996-2001

WUZETEM gained profits all this time.

Total Quality Management brought a fruit: WUZETEM was prized with Warsaw Quality Prize of a Year 1998.

Thanks to a steady increase in implemented items, and a very high quality – our products’ marketing position was become to be higher and higher each year.

120 types of multihole nozzles and 47 types of pintle nozzles were implemented to fully cover home market demand for spares.

A volume of selling for home market is steady being increased together with selling for our foreign clients.

Marketing activity, especially the close contacts with our Polish Dealers, and main Foreign Dealers was bringing very fruitable co-operation.

The Middle-Management is involved in supervise the running all processes and in strictly observation of our costs. All our production departments are involved in these two process too.

In production there were implemented some new things:

-          new SECO-WARWICK vacuum furnance was implemented,

-          exchange on the new of controller systems of heat treatment,

-          nitrogenous process was improved.

Thanks to a/m innovation – WUZETEM Heat Treatment Department had got the most newly way of heat treating in Poland.



Development of Warsaw Mechanical Works (WUZETEM) during these 50 years of its operations, gaining the top technical and quality levels (especially in precession turning) WUZETEM works have got thanks to our stuff: our workers, our technical-engineering stuff, and our management.

Many patents that were approved during these 50 years supported our development:.

-          21 patents regard injection pumps, injectors and control units,

-          15 patents regard utility patterns,

-          22 patents regard technology.

All these people who expected to meet here top world level technology could come to work with us for a well paid salary. For WUZETEM purposes A Technical School was established.

For our people some “holiday motels” were built (on lake district: Maradki, in Tatra Mountains: in village Murzasichle, in Solina and Korbielow (Karpatian Mountains) and near Baltic Sea: Dziwnów) Some “recreation gardens” were established too. They might used some sports in Warsaw area. To improve their health they might also used with our local “medical emergency” that is placed near our works.

It was a need, as approximately over 20.000 people were involved in working for WUZETEM. Each of them put a small part for our success......



This very short story might have been enlarged, but of course it is impossible to tell you shortly what was fully going on during 50 years.